Kolobrzeg is the most vivid city of Pomorze Zachodnie with an over thousand year long tradition, situated an both banks of the river Parseta which joins with the salty waters of Baltic Sea. The city was often destroyed throughout the centuries. Only a few monuments survived to be rebuilt and reconstructed. The most important ones are town hall, the cathedral basilica, the medieval house with the Polish Arms Museum, the Gunpowder Turret, Knight Academy and Morast Redoubt.

For 200 years is Kolobrzeg known as a spa-resort. The north part of Kolobrzeg stretches out along the coast is the spa district in which the resort-houses are located and the spa's use modern equipment, brine and mud therapy. In the summer many cultural, entertainment and sport events take place. The most famous are the International Meeting With Folklore and the Salt Fair.

The wealth of nature that can be found in Kołobrzeg offers health and beauty. The treasures that make Kołobrzeg a spa are: mineral water - brine, also called floating gold, peat - black gold as well as local microclimate and exceptional greenery. This unique combination of natural treasures enables the town to offer a wide range of spa and wellness. The patients of the health resort are primarily people suffering from diseases of respiratory, circulation and motor system; rheumatic, endocrinological diseases as well as diabetes. Kołobrzeg is also a well-known health resort for children, where small patients are offered assistance in curing many diseases. Children come here also for hipotherapy. In 2002 Kołobrzeg celebrated the 200th anniversary of the health resort. Its renown shows in the fact that as early as in 1938 Kołobrzeg resort came first among 125 Bäder (spas) in Germany. The name: the Pearl of the Baltic has been functioning until today.

Kołobrzeg means a joyful ambience of fun and entertainment. It also means lazy ambience of sunbathing and holiday unwinding after a hard routine of everyday life. And finally the climate of Kołobrzeg means sea spray rich in iodine, chlorine, salt and bromine. And yet the major wealth of Kołobrzeg is its inhabitants and patients - the people who create the place and its atmosphere.

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